How to cheat on your husband

Stand-up comedy in English with Luana Matei

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Umorismo nero e battute scomode su sesso, amore, tradimenti. Questo è lo show di Luana Matei, la stand-up comedian che sta girando il mondo dopo aver registrato sold-out in 40 città in 14 paesi diversi!

Stand-up comedy in inglese

Attenzione: lo spettacolo si svolge interamente in lingua inglese. Sconsigliato a un pubblico minore di 14 anni per i contenuti espliciti (ma molto divertenti).

How to cheat on your husband: the Show

Dark & Dirty Jokes on Sex, Love & Cheating.Sold out in over 40 cities, across 14 countries!

A Cheater’s Guide to Love

Book now for jokes on family & therapy, love & sex, marriage, divorce & cheating. It's a joke, of course. Comedian Luana Matei will make you laugh, rethink your marriage, and act like the anti-Cupid. Come and experience it yourself. !!BE PREPARED!! Yes, you can laugh about communism, infidelity, bad sex, parents, ninjas, and sleeping your way around the world in the same show!. Luana's humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy & dark. And if she asks you weird questions you can tell her to f$$$ off and ask her questions in return.  

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Spettacolo interamente in lingua inglese

Sconsigliato ai minori di 14 anni

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